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Hello! My name is Cristina Sciarra. I started TRK in 2011 as a way to share and archive my kitchen life. I hope you’ll enjoy my (usually original) recipes, stories, photos, and occasional travels.

I’ve moved around quite a lot. My kitchen “roams” where I do; it’s where I feel most comfortable and happy. I don’t come from a “food family,” but started cooking (badly) in my college apartment in Washington, DC. I continued through two moves to Madrid (in college, and after), Paris (culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu), Hoboken (MFA in Fiction Writing), Brooklyn, and next to Jersey City. I don’t think it matters where you live or how small your kitchen is—a little culinary knowledge + fresh ingredients make great meals possible. Food should foster community. It should be a source of nourishment.

Mostly, you’ll find seasonal recipes here—a June strawberry is worth waiting for. I’m big into farmers’ markets + small food makers + whole, real food.

My husband, Paul, is pretty important around here. (I like him so much, I married him twice.) We met in 2008, in a hostel in Madrid. I moved to Paris to be with him, and then he moved to New York to be with me. You will see him referred to here as “the Frenchman,” (or sometimes “Mr. French Toast” or “Monsieur French Fry” or any variation therein). Paul runs all the behind the scenes, technological bits of The Roaming Kitchen. He is my taste-tester numéro un/favorite travel companion/great love.

In 2021, we had a baby! My new project, GD Kitchen, was born alongside him, in order to help other women diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Advertisements: I’ve recently started allowing select ads and sponsored posts on TRK. I will always let you know when this is the case. I’ll also never promote a product I wouldn’t use independently. (That is, I aim to support small producers and food that is actually food.)

If you want to work with me/learn more, please contact me. Here are my Publications and Press.


  1. Maria da Silva

    Hi there,

    Like you, I love food and cooking. It is my passion, although, sadly, I don’t make a living out of it. I used to cook a lot more, and experiment with food, than I do now because it is just me to feed. All the same, I also feel very strongly about where food comes from, and how it’s been treated. I am blessed to still have a mother that produces a lot of the food I eat – garden produce that I use in salads every day. Wholesome food, prepared simply, is the best for the soul, the body, and the environment.
    You writing is beautiful and evocative, and your photos are brilliant. I hope they’ll inspire people to cook rather than buy ready-made meals.

  2. Charlene Cunanan

    Inspiring and beautiful site! Discovering your blogs inspires me even more to share little what-nots in the kitchen and tidbits of my travel. More power to you Cristina & Paul!


  3. Sherry

    Please may I be added to your e-mail list to receive your lovely food blog.
    Thank you,
    Best regards,

    • CristinaSciarra

      Hi Sherry. You should receive a confirmation email! (If not, check your spam box.)

  4. Elizabeth

    What type of editing do you use for your photos?

    • CristinaSciarra

      Hi Lizzy, I currently use Aperture and VSCO, but I really need to switch to Lightroom! I’d recommend using Lightroom + VSCO.

  5. Craig RESNICK

    please add me to your email list. looking forward to your visit.

  6. Julia

    Hi Cristina,
    Please subscribe me to your beautiful blog.

  7. Debra

    Please add me to your email. I love your site – very “insightful” and refreshing. Continued success to you and your Frenchman.

  8. Jackie Hemy

    Hello Cristina,

    I just happened upon your blog while searching for a recipe. Your recipes look amazing!
    Please add me to your email list.

    Thank you,

  9. Talma Nir

    Please add me to your beautiful blog

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